VMOT: Value Momentum Trend ETF


VMOT ETF Overview

Fee Disclosures

  • When a cash dividend is declared on a stock the Fund has sold short, the Fund is required to pay an amount equal to that dividend to the party from which the Fund borrowed the stock and to record the payment of the dividend as an expense.
  • Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses are indirect fees and expenses that the Fund incurs from investing in the shares of other investment companies, including the Alpha Architect ETFs (as defined herein). The Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses have been revised based on the current investment advisory fee levels of the Alpha Architect ETFs; absent such revisions, the Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses and Fee Waiver would have been 0.62% and 0.28%, respectively.
  • The Fund’s investment adviser has contractually agreed to waive all or a portion of its management fee for the Fund until at least January 31, 2021 to the extent necessary to prevent (i) management fees paid to the investment adviser for the Fund plus (ii) the aggregate amount of management fees paid to the investment adviser for management of the Alpha Architect ETFs (defined below) that are directly attributable to the Fund’s ownership of shares of the Alpha Architect ETFs, from exceeding 0.79% of the Fund’s daily net assets. This waiver agreement may be terminated only by agreement of the investment adviser and the Fund’s Board of Trustees.
  • Excluding other expenses, the Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses are 0.79%.

Completed Calendar Quarters of Current Year

Most Recent Completed Calendar Year

As of Date 30-Day Median Bid/Ask Spread
05/14/2021 0.18

VMOT ETF Performance

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